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Great Landscapes, Great People, Great Western

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Great Landscapes, Great People, Great Western

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Great Landscapes, Great People, Great Western

Great Western: Built for Western Landscapes

We’re a family owned lawn and landscaping business built for the variety of the Southwest landscapes. We are based out of the Four Corners - serving both residential and commercial properties no matter how urban or remote.

Currently, we operate in each of the four corner states: New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. We are also doing work in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, and are always looking to take on any new project.

We specialize in lawn care, landscaping, property management, and reclamation. Our staff are well trained and utilize all modern equipment to deliver quality results, consistently.

We work with local homeowners and ranchers as well as large scale clients such as school districts, municipalities, national churches, the Forest Service, real estate, and oilfields delivering reclamation work. No job is too big or small for our team of specialized workers.






Lawn Care

A well kept lawn is the foundation of any good looking property. We mow, trim, and edge lawns of any size and shape. We have all the necessary modern equipment available from riding rowers to fertilizers, ensuring your lawn looks its very best.


Property Management

There is more to property management than lawn care. We keep your property clean and looking its best by working with you to bring your landscape to life. From selecting the ideal plant species, to installing gravel and river rock, and maintaining high quality water systems



We help our clients bring their dream landscape designs to life. For residential and commercial clients we build, design, and maintain all landscapes. Our goal for each project is to understand its own unique local environment and how best to bring every landscape to its full potential.



Since our foundation we have been performing specialized reclamation work. Providing functional soil to take in, store and deliver water, and maximise living organisms is essential for optimum plant life after a spill or ground damage. We reclaim soil impacted by oil spills or construction and return it to life.


We love what we do, and shared success is our goal. We have built a reputation of consistency under any circumstance, distance, climate or project size. The team at GWR are the reason for that success. When working with GWR you will personally know who you are working with and you will know we hold ourselves to the highest accountability. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional work, and our core values are time tested in bringing these desired outcomes.


  • Build and strengthen every relationship
  • Be reactive and stay flexible throughout any project
  • Exchange knowledge and experience


  • Increase the value of all properties we improve
  • Be extremely efficient with time and material costs
  • Create a positive impact in our communities


  • Co-create a shared vision
  • Go beyond that vision in each project
  • Be detail oriented in every step of each project


  • Keep integrity at the forefront
  • Always take ownership and be accountable
  • Communicate clearly inside GWR and with clients

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"GWR is fair and efficient. They work within budgets and help create solutions to our outdoor needs"

- Durango Schools

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"The Great Western Reclamation team is trusted and honest. Every project is done with a great deal of attention and professionalism"

- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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"Great Western Reclamation is our preferred landscape contractor in the Southwest region where we have a large portfolio of properties. When a job needs done we call GWR."



Great Landscapes,
Great People,
Great Western.

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